Tomplay interactive sheet music offers all musicians an immersive, fun and effective learning and playing experience.

Developed by the Swiss start-up Tombooks, Tomplay interactive sheet music for PC, Mac and iPad offers all musicians and music students the possibility to practise and play along with high-quality musical accompaniments. A cursor moves automatically across the score and the musician plays along with the music (live-recorded musicians, not MIDI like in other similar apps). The musician may also choose to play without the accompaniment. Furthermore, numerous parallel functionalities make learning the piece more dynamic and efficient, such as the possibility to slow down or speed up the tempo of the music, the personalised annotations system, the loop function and the recording function. The musician can also print his or her score, with annotations or without. Download the free iPad app here or try the PC/Mac version here.

The app has its own music store of over 1,000 interactive scores for many instruments including piano, flute, violin, cello and clarinet. The library is quickly expanding by more than 50 interactive scores per week and contains concertos, chamber music, piano four hands, pop, rock, jazz and film soundtracks. A pianist can, for example, play Mozart’s Concerto No. 23 at home, accompanied by an orchestra. In this case, the app plays the live-recorded orchestra track and the musician plays the piano part on top, following the automatic cursor on the interactive score. With the four hands piano pieces, the musician plays either the Primo or the Secondo part, while Tomplay accompanies with the other part. Tomplay’s catalogue also offers a large selection of solo piano pieces. The musician can listen to the music while deciphering the score, making the learning process more efficient and preventing potential mistakes.

Tomplay can be used by music teachers, students and amateur musicians to explore and study repertoire and to experience playing with other musicians without leaving the comfort of your home or practise room. It makes learning music simpler, more enjoyable and more effective.

Tomplay interactive sheet music is available on PC, Mac and iPad. Each score costs between £1.49 and £4.99. A free trial version allows potential users to try the app before committing to a purchase.

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