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Featured posts

Featured posts appear at the top of the home screen of the site and tend to attract more site traffic due to their prominent position. All posts stream directly to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and posts are regularly retweeted to gain maximum coverage.

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Sponsored posts

Promote your concert, CD launch or other music-related event or product via a sponsored post. You supply text, pictures, links and any other information in exchange for a permanent post on this blog. You can also specify when you would like the post to be published.

Sponsored posts cost £100 each and can support high-quality images and sound and video files or embedded links.

£150 buys a sponsored post plus an additional post on the Cross-Eyed Pianist’s sister blog (A Piano Teacher Writes….) which has a greater emphasis on piano study, students and piano teaching.

Please note that only events or products which are directly related to the content of this site will be considered.

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