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Meet the Artist is a series of interviews in which musicians, composers and conductors discuss inspirations, influences, repertoire, performance, recording, teaching and more. The interview takes the form of a short questionnaire, loosely based on the Proust Questionnaire.

If you would like to take part in this project, please download and complete a questionnaire

Meet the Artist performer questionnaire

Meet the Artist composer questionnaire

Featured and forthcoming interviewees include:

Pianists: Steven Osborne, Peter Jablonski, Peter Donohoe, Andreas Haefliger, Sunwook Kim, Mishka Rushdie Momen, Anna Tsybuleva, Stephen Hough, Susan Tomes, Nelson Goerne, Nick van Bloss, Ivan Ilic, Zsolt Bognar, Lara Melda, Janina Fialkowska, Angela Brownridge, Ashley Wass, Florian Uhlig, François-Frédéric Guy, Daniel Tong, Simon Callaghan, Penelope Thwaites, Ursula Oppens, Jayson Gillham, Pascal Rogé, Bobby Chen, Lucy Parham, Leon McCawley, Daniel Grimwood, Jozef Kapustka, Inesa Sinkevych, Tom Poster, James Lisney, Natalie Bleicher, Robin Green, Lola Perrin, Sarah Beth Briggs, Warren Mailley-Smith, Christina Cavalli, Mark Swartzentruber, Elspeth Wyllie, Antoine Françoise, Robin Green, Andrew Matthews-Owen, Clare Hammond, Ian Pace, Charles Owen

Cellists: Gabriella Swallow, Joy Lisney, Jo Quail and Corinne Morris

Conductors: Scott Inglis-Kidger, Ben Parry, Kenneth Woods, Tom Hammond and Mark Wigglesworth

Composers: James MacMillan, Lauren Redhead, Cheryl Frances Hoad, Thomas Hewitt Jones, Martin Butler, Patrick Nunn, Oliver Rudland, Robert Saxton, Peter Seabourne, Graham Lynch, Matthew Kaner, Kenneth Hesketh, Peter Byrom-Smith and Douglas Finch

Violinists: Rachel Podger, Fenella Humphreys, Matthew Trusler, Hannah Woolmer

Singers: Jennifer Johnston, Phoebe Haines, Robert John Edwards, Jane Wilkinson, Paul Carey Jones, Ruby Hughes

Harpsichordist: Mahan Esfahani

Fortepianist: John Irving

Timpanist: Tom Greenleaves

Guitarists: Heike Matthiesen, David Braid, Stephen Goss, Matthew Sear

Saxophonist: Jess Gillam (2016 finalist in BBC Young Musician competition)

Ensembles: The Hermes Experiment, Syzygy Saxophone Quartet, JACK Quartet, Villiers Quartet

The interviews (click on link for a list of all the interviews to date or use the Search box to search by name)

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