The Cross-Eyed Pianist is Frances Wilson – pianist, writer, blogger and music lover

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Established in 2010, The Cross-Eyed Pianist has become “an important voice in the piano world” (Peter Donohoe, international concert pianist) and enjoys a wide global readership with over 20,000 visitors to the site per month. Regularly updated with varied content and the popular Meet the Artist interview series, The Cross-Eyed Pianist is one of the UK’s leading blogs on classical music.

“Thank you for the enthusiasm you bring to music”

Leon Bosch, double bassist & conductor

In addition to writing and editing this blog, Frances Wilson is a regular writer for classical music website InterludeHK, music streaming service IDAGIO,  and ‘Pianist’ magazine’s online content. She has also written guest articles for a number of other classical music and piano teaching sites around the world, including HelloStage, Clavier Companion, Music Haven and The Sampler, the blog of SoundandMusic.org, the UK charity for new music. She has acted as a syllabus consultant for the London College of Music, the ABRSM and Trinity College London, has written teaching notes for the piano syllabus for the ABRSM, and has contributed a series of essays on Schubert’s penultimate piano sonata for ‘The Schubertian’, the journal of The Schubert Institute UK.

“…..very grateful for all that YOU do for the industry; you are so supportive of both established professionals as well as younger artists starting out”

Alisdair Hogarth, concert pianist

Frances is co-author/editor of ArtMuseLondon, a reviews site focusing on art and music in London, and is co-founder of Music into Words, a project exploring writing about classical music today, described by Tom Service (BBC Radio 3) as “hugely important……a brilliant agenda, raising really vital issues“. She has appeared on BBC Radio 3’s Music Matters to discuss the role of music criticism today and the effect of the internet on music journalism and writing.

“….her level of music writing is eons beyond most professional critique…”

Mahan Esfahani, international harpsichordist

“…a powerful new voice in the piano field

Jack Kohl, author and pianist

A passionate advocate of amateur pianism, Frances is co-founder of the London Piano Meetup Group, a friendly supportive group for adult amateur pianists which organises informal performance platforms, workshops with visiting tutors and social events in and around London.

In addition, she manages the publicity and website of 7 Star Arts, and acts as a publicist for British cellist, composer and conductor Joy Lisney.

Frances is happy to consider concerts, CD launches, CDs and other music-related material/events for review. Please use the Contact page to get in touch and refrain from sending unsolicited material.

“a unique and valuable contribution”

Returning to the piano after an absence of over 20 years, Frances holds Licentiate and Associate Diplomas (both with Distinction) in Piano Performance. She has attended masterclasses and studied with a number of leading teachers/pianists, including Penelope Roskell, Graham Fitch, Alan Fraser, Murray McLachlan, Charlotte Tomlinson, James Lisney and Stephen Savage, and has performed at St John’s Smith Square, the 1901 Arts Club, the NPL Musical Society, St Mary-le-Bow, St John’s Waterloo and Brunswick House.

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  1. I so very much enjoy reading your posts. So inspiring, your posts, and makes me want to do two things: return to teaching again and relocate to a place as wonderful as London. Of course that will not happen. Currently just teaching my own children (3 girls) and I need to do better with my own teaching. Reading your blog from Papua, Indonesia (the other half of the New Guinea island). Keep up the good work and keep inspiring. Thanks.

  2. Your blog is always interesting and is giving me much pleasure while away from home. I can see and hear you which is a great comfort.

  3. What a great blog! Our Oxfam here in Blandford is indeed a great shop. Thanks for the articulate and entertaining style. Do you mind if I use your “Anatomy of a piece” in lessons?

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