Introducing Piano Bloggers

A new community group on Facebook for those who blog about the piano and those who enjoy reading blogs……


A dedicated space for pianists and writers to share and encourage one another, as well as a focal point where bloggers can share all their latest posts.

This is important, because many online communities don’t like bloggers to link their sites. For example, on Reddit not all subreddit areas welcome blog posts at all, while forums such as Piano World can also react with hostility towards bloggers who share their posts. And even on Facebook, some groups prefer to limit or restrict the sharing of blog links.

And that’s why those who READ blogs will enjoy the Piano Bloggers group as much as those who write them! The aim of the group is to offer a unique space online where interaction between readers, writers and pianists can flourish.

The group is moderated by Andrew Eales, Mark Polishook and Frances Wilson (The Cross-Eyed Pianist)

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