Detail from Richard Hamilton’s ‘Portrait of a Woman as an Artist’, 2007, oil on inkjet on canvas, 100cm x 123cm. Photograph: courtesy of the estate of Richard Hamilton

In a remarkable exhibition at the National Gallery, the late Richard Hamilton, doyen of the Pop Art movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and a leading British artist with an international following, has left a beautiful and startling legacy in an exquisitely executed visual study of the fundamentals of the artist’s craft.

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Turner Inspired: in the light of Claude is an opportunity to see the work of two great landscape artists side by side: Turner’s paintings, watercolours, and drawings demonstrate his lifelong devotion to Claude. What comes through in this engaging exhibition, however, is Turner’s strikingly innovative approach to painting and his redefining of the British landscape. Read my review for OneStopArts here