Brighton-based actor, singer, writer, dramaturg, director and trainer, Emma Kilbey brings vividly to life Ayn Rand,  American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter whose questionable beliefs still resonate strongly today.

Emma Kilbey

The play, written and performed by Emma Kilbey, will explore why Rand’s beliefs, including her philosophical system of objectivism, still resonate today, and the  impact of a powerful life lived without empathy.

The drama attempts to crack through the Russian-doll layers of this self-styled individualist, author and philosopher.

Expect thorny issues, heartbreak, humour and accents.

Emma introduces ‘The Ayn Lady’ here

‘I have seen many finished pieces that were much less cleverly constructed and consistently enjoyable than this. The company managed to give a lesson in both history and economics without ever falling into boring or hectoring the audience. The scenes from Rand’s life cleverly indicated where her “all about me” philosophy ends up, and the introduction of more contemporary quotations (Boris, Thatcher et al) made it plain that Rand’s insouciance about inequality and the most vulnerable in society not only persists but very much continues to inform the political debate.’ 

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‘The Ayn Lady’ is a part of Ovalhouse’ FiRST BiTES series of new performance pieces, currently in development and presented as work-in-progress showings.

‘The Ayn Lady’ is at Ovalhouse, London SE11 from 2 – 5 July. Full details and tickets here