Bringing exciting musical experiences to Vancouver – a guest post by Jennifer West, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Müzewest Concerts

Müzewest Concerts has been a recital series for just under 2 years in Vancouver. The goal of the series is to bring live classical music to the next generation of listeners. It is also to provide a space for community to develop by offering ticket prices that are reasonable for most households. This means that culture can become more accessible to all people who wish the enjoy the gift of music. Furthermore, Müzewest Concerts offer performance opportunities to young musicians who have recently graduated and are looking to share their music with an appreciative and warm audience. Their innovative recital programmes often include contemporary compositions by living composers.

With high-calibre concerts and unique accompanying outreach concerts at schools, hospitals etc, Müzewest Concerts harness the power of music to improve less privileged communities.

Müzewest Concerts firmly believes that there is a space in Vancouver for high calibre classical music concerts at an affordable rate for the public. Unfortunately, fundraising and financial support have been a challenge for the organization. The goal is to keep this project going but vast support is needed in order to pay artists properly and rent venues that are welcoming to the audience.