Musicians need to practise and rehearse. Finding a place to rehearse can be a problem, especially if you don’t have a separate space in your home (flatmates are not always amenable to 100s of repetitions of Liszt!) or if you are travelling. Tutti Space offers a simple yet ideal solution. The brainchild of Grabriel Isserlis, here he explains what motivated him to create this new platform and community for musicians:

My family have been in music for generations. I like to say that before I learned English, I learned the language of music. I have always been surrounded by music: at home, on family holidays, my family even performed chamber music as part of our Christmas celebrations. However, as much joy as music brings, I was always very aware of the less wonderful side of it: the challenges it produces for people who dive in full time. After a brief decade, trying to escape the music in my blood, I gave in and returned, albeit from a different angle. During that time, I had trained in visual arts, audio engineering, and programming, and decided to combine my knowledge and passions into one.

I spent over a year analysing the different issues that plague musicians, listening to my friends and family talk about all the frustrations they experience. Throughout that time, a number of key issues were most apparent but only one of them sparked a twinkle in every eye when I shared my potential solution: “AirBnB for Rehearsal Spaces.” That simple idea has grown into Tutti and has so much potential ahead of it – we’re just getting started.

Tutti Space operates on a similar premise to AirBnB: those with space to rent advertise it on the platform. Those seeking rehearsal space can search No money changes hands – everything is organised within the platform – and users rate one another using a feedback system. So like AirBnB, the success of the platform is predicated on goodwill, good behaviour and positive feedback. Those seeking rehearsal space search the listings and make contact with the host via the site. And those with space where musicians can rehearse, from a little-used piano in a living room to a fully soundproofed music studio, can make money from hiring out their space. Just as AirBnB, no one can book your space without your approval: if someone books your space, you will be notified immediately and have 3 days to accept or reject the request.

If you list your space before 2019, Tutti Space will provide a photographer to take quality photos of your venue/space, free of charge.

One can pay upwards of £20/hour for a music practice room in London. Tutti Space offers competitive pricing together with the opportunity to build communities and create connections.

The site is clearly designed and very easy to use. Tutti Space is an inspired yet simple solution to the musician’s perennial problem.

Visit the Tutti Space website

504 – an independent, affordable venue that provides space to rehearse, run workshops, teach classes, host meetings or auditions. Rent this space via Tutti Space