Coach House Pianos opens London Showroom in Chelsea

Coach House Pianos is delighted to announce the opening of a ‘one of a kind’ piano showroom in London on 4 November 2020. The long established piano house has been providing outstanding service to Londoners for some time, but is now offering the largest choice of the highest quality pianos in the capital by creating the ultimate destination in Chelsea’s Design Quarter. Anyone looking to buy the ‘right piano’ will be able to choose from the world’s most famous piano brands in a relaxed atmosphere at the iconic Talisman Building on New Kings Road.


The new world class showroom will have an outstanding choice of art cased grand and upright pianos on view to try before making the purchase of a lifetime. There will also be a custom design studio which allows clients to have input to personalize their new piano, or work with designers and manufacturers to create a unique and very personal statement piece. In addition, the showroom interior has been designed by Ken Bolan and furnished with fine art, 20-century designer furniture, antiques and objets d’art to create a truly unique atmosphere and ambience.


Nick Rusling, Coach House Pianos’ founder, says: “We are very excited to be able to bring our expertise along with the most amazing choice of quality pianos that London has ever seen. The last few months have made everyone realise how important our homes and interests are, and we have seen a massive surge in desire to acquire better and more beautiful pianos for home environments. Our team pride themselves on being able to give unbiased advice within relaxed, homely surroundings in order to share our passion with you for pianos that are as unique as you are, both in tonal quality and aesthetic design for each individual home. There is hardly anything in the world today that carries forward the inspiration and joy of music and such happy memories like a wonderful piano. The piano has become more than just a musical instrument but a focal point of art and design within the home – maybe also a symbol of wealth and sophistication – but truly an investment in memories and moments far beyond monetary value for generations to come.”

Several of the world’s rarest, historic and most valuable pianos will be available to purchase, including brand new handcrafted Bösendorfer Vienna Concert art-cased pianos from Austria, widely considered to be the best pianos in the world. London’s own Bösendorfer Hall will be housed within the Talisman Building, which will also be the ideal venue for hosting regular online performances and – when regulations allow – live events. Other highlights include the latest hybrid ‘Silent’ pianos and stunning state-of-the art self-playing baby grand pianos for those wanting the ultimate status symbol of home entertainment operated from their smartphone.

Coach House Pianos regularly engage with renowned pianists and skilled piano teachers to hold concerts and workshops. The company works closely with many schools and colleges to provide them the all important diversity of choice of alternative piano brands that are best suited to their music departments, as well as organising a biennial inter-school piano competition and piano teacher conference.

Senior Education Manager David Halford says: “Pianos are incredibly complex instruments. This can make them daunting to our customers, but we want to remove this complexity and take away the uncertainty people have about buying, leasing and owning a quality piano. Our role is to reassure them by taking care of the detail, offering advice that helps them to make informed decisions and using our expertise to simplify and demystify regular jargon.

Piano advisor, pianist and second generation family member Daniel Rusling adds: “We literally have here the very finest pianos in the world – some of them ‘one off masterpieces’ built to incredibly high standards by skilled and committed craftsmen.

We are a family business dedicated to client satisfaction and love to see our pianos do the talking rather than any of us having to push a hard sell.”

Coach House Pianos London showroom is at The Talisman Building, New Kings Road, London SW6


(Source: press release from CHP)