B2C: Bach Cello Suites UNLEASHED!

Cellist and composer Sophie Webber shines a new light on Bach’s iconic and much-loved solo cello suites by combining solo cello with a choir.

it has been my dream to present this gorgeous music in a new context and to challenge listeners who may think they don’t enjoy Bach with an alternative presentation that does allow them a “way in.” My cello teachers would all tell me to “hear the implied harmonies” in the music… the idea of combining the solo cello suites with choir always seemed very natural to me… a realization of what is already there

– Sophie Webber

The ultimate goal of the project is to record a CD of the first and third cello suites alongside an original choral arrangement performed by the choristers of St Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego.

To find out more and to support this interesting and valuable project which aims to bring classical music to a wider audience, please visit Sophie’s kickstarter page here.

Sophie Webber