Surge Mini wireless bluetooth earbuds


This is the second set of wireless bluetooth earbuds I’ve been asked to review in as many months. With manufacturers keen to offer consumers a stylish, effective and user-friendly alternative to Apple’s AirPod earbuds (which are not the most attractive, it must be said), wireless earbuds are now as ubiquitous as old-fashioned wired headphones.

Wireless headphones have in fact existed for some time now, but with somewhat dubious sound quality due to their inability to transmit high resolution audio. The latest bluetooth technology ensures a better and faster connection, a broader signal range and stable connectivity. This “true wireless” allows users a full range of movement, making these earbuds ideal for sport such as running or cycling or gym workouts.


The Surge Mini earbuds are designed to fit snugly in the ear and come in a neat case which acts as a charger (a feature common to most wireless earbuds now). The magnetic design secures the earbuds in the case to ensure they charge properly and don’t fall out when you open the case. The earbuds connect almost instantly to your device and once paired they will connect automatically straight out of the case. The left and right earbuds connect separately, and in fact I had trouble connecting the devices and it took several attempts to hook up to my iPhone.

Once in the ear, the earbuds are a comfortable fit without any need for further adjustment. The earbuds have tiny touch controls allowing the user to pause play or mute during a call, and are Siri/Google compatible.

And so to the most important consideration, quality of sound. The majority of my listening is confined to classical music, specifically piano music, but for the purposes of this review I listened to various genres of music. In each case, I enjoyed the warm, direct, translucent sound offerered by the Surge Mini earbuds. Noise cancellation is excellent too, and with a good balance between treble, bass and the mid-range, you really feel enveloped in music.

Other features

  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides 2.5 x faster connection
  • 3 hours play time from one charge
  • 73 hours battery life
  • Case also acts as a phone charger via a USB port
  • Charging case can be fully charged in 45 minutes
  • Available in black or white


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