Keeping it in the family: Coach House Pianos

More than a quarter of a century ago a family of piano enthusiasts in Swansea had a simple dream – to establish a local specialist business for pianists looking for something truly special. It all started in an unassuming 250 year old coach house with fantastic local historical charm with room for just 23 pianos. However, for the aptly-named Coach House Pianos, it was the perfect place for starting building a business that was set up to give pianists simply the best instruments for a variety of different players from the keen amateur to teachers and fully-fledged professional pianists.

The company has always focussed on nothing less than excellence, stocking renowned piano marques from Steinway to Bösendorfer, Yamaha to Schimmel. By building its reputation over the course of over thirty years, Coach House has housed everything from brand new Kawai baby grands to genuinely antique, century-old Steinways.

“Today, little has changed, apart from the size of our establishment!”

The company was forced to move its premises from the small converted coach house into something more practical and now occupies a pleasant, purpose-built two-storey showroom on the edge of Swansea, not far from the M4.

Every pianist will agree that when it comes to meticulously-crafted pianos, like Steinways and Yamahas, there’s an air of uniqueness and personality around each individual instrument. They all carry a story; have their own distinctive sound and tonal qualities; and offer a playing experience that’s different for each pianist.


These instruments are more than just ‘buying a product’ but help start a journey towards unique musical experiences. Alongside this, Coach House offer a very personal customer service, giving potential buyers valuable advice and the opportunity to spend as much time as they need to choose the right instrument. In addition, after sales support ensures that the piano is moved safely into its new home, with a tuning once it has settled in.

I can attest to the quality of Coach House Pianos’ customer service: in 2015, the company loaned myself and a pianist colleague a beautiful Steinway Model D for a charity concert we organised in central London, and earlier this year I visited the Swansea showroom for the first time to help the same colleague choose a new Yamaha C3X. The staff at Coach House were very friendly and helpful, with not a hint of the “hard sell”. We were able to play as many pianos as we liked, for as long as we liked, and were plied with regular cups of tea throughout the day. It made the buying experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Today a slickly-designed website ensures your first point of contact with Coach House couldn’t be easier: you can browse the current stock of new and used instruments (the UK’s largest range of grand and upright pianos from Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer and Kawai), ask questions and make an appointment to visit the showroom.