Meet the Artist is 6 years old


The Meet the Artist interview series began on this blog in April 2012. From an idea thought up late one night, and loosely based on the Proust Questionnaire, which I first read in the back of Vanity Fair magazine, the series has gone from strength to strength – so much so that it now has its own dedicated website.

“a wonderful series” – Alisdair Hogarth, pianist

Whether an internationally-renowned concert artist or a young musician at the start of his/her career, each participant answers the same set of questions, and while common responses do appear, in particular to the question “What do you consider to be the most important ideas and concepts to impart to aspiring musicians?“, the range of responses is highly varied, insightful, informative and inspiring, giving readers a unique glimpse into the musical/creative lives of musicians, composers and conductors. In addition to interviews with individual artists, the series also features ensembles, including piano duo Worbey & Farrell and JACK Quartet, and since 2017 the series has extended beyond classical music to feature jazz and crossover artists.

I am very grateful to all the wonderful artists who have contributed to the series so far (some of whom have since become personal friends of mine), for sharing insights into their professional lives with honesty, openness, humour and poignancy. I am also grateful to the many music PRs and artist agents who have proposed candidates for the series and for the ongoing and very fruitful collaboration I enjoy with all these people.

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“a terrific site” – Robert LaPorta, MSR Classics