Concerts for Syria

Concerts for Syria facilitates and promotes fundraising concerts and music events that support Syrian refugees.

After more than four years of conflict the ensuing refugee crisis has become one of the greatest humanitarian crises of today, affecting each and every one of us. Today 12 million Syrians have fled their homes because of conflict, 6 million of whom are children, and c.4 million Syrians in total are now refugees.

As musicians we have the tools and the opportunities to raise much-needed funds for refugees and to raise awareness of their situation and ways in which we can help.

The aim of this project is to harness the power of these tools and opportunities and seek to make a difference through music-making.

Fatima Lahham, founder of Concerts for Syria says:

I’m part-Syrian myself (and a postgraduate recorder player at the RCM, London), and have found not only that lots of musicians would like to support this important cause, but also that many concert venues would be happy to facilitate collections at events. To bring these two factors together I decided to start up Concerts for Syria in October 2015.

We help to organise concerts, as well as advertising and promoting them, and assisting performers and venues with the whole collection process. In the last 6 months we’ve been involved with venues such as the Foundling Museum in London, the Keble Early Music Festival in Oxford, St Albans Cathedral, and Great St Mary’s Church in Cambridge. A wide range of musicians have expressed interest in getting involved, with my own chamber ensemble, IMPROVISO performing at several of the concerts.

My aim for the next six months and further ahead is to really expand and reach new musicians and audiences, as well as to look at securing funding for future, more ambitious projects.

The tragic crisis that faces new generations of Syrian children today is not one that can be ignored nor one that will disappear soon. As musicians we have the privilege of being able to communicate with so many diverse groups of people around the world, and this project seeks to harness that power by raising awareness, collecting funds, and making a difference through music-making.

Anyone interested in getting involved in any capacity is encouraged to contact us via:

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  1. I have been trying to Contact you via email Address as shown – with no success…! I am a Classical Actress and have much experience in Poetry Recitation to Piano and/ or Violin. You may view my Professional Profile on Linked in ( Caroline Hames Actress ).
    I am interested in assisting you to Fundraise by participating in future concerts , where my Genre would fit in. I look forward to hearing from you.

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