Alexandre Tharaud at Queen Elizabeth Hall

(photo: Marco Borggreve)

I first heard French pianist Alexandre Tharaud at the Wigmore Hall in October 2013, and his performance of Bach, Schubert and Chopin left me somewhat underwhelmed.

In his concert at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall as part of the International Piano Series, he left me wanting more….

How clever of Alexandre Tharaud to open his QEH concert with Schubert’s Moments musicaux, salon pieces which combine charm and tenderness with an unsettling edginess to create Schubert’s emotional and musical landscape in microcosm. From the opening notes of the first of the suite, Tharaud imbued the music with intimacy and set the tone for the whole evening, even in the more extrovert sentences of Ravel’s “Alborada del gracioso” from Miroirs. This was piano playing which encouraged concentrated listening.

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  1. Dear Frances

    You are indefatigable. These posts are wonderful.

    I sent on the information about your piano teachers meeting from the piano network to Vasileios Rakitzis, who is my present remarkable teacher. You may already know him or know of him through Vatche. They played a recital together Schubert Fantaisie and Brahms duets in Aylesbury Cathedral in June this year.

    He has recently been in the process of concluding his in depth paper (80,000 words/small volume) on Cortot and his editions and performances of of Schubert’s two sets of Impromptus for his doctorate at City University or Trinity, can’t remember which. He has approached the editions and Cortot’s own recordings, through the ears and experience of a young concert performer and extremely talented interpreter (I.e. practising) rather than as a historian or musicologist and after so much research, I feel he should aim to edit it for e-publication so that it becomes of wider use to aspiring performers and not just collect dust on a uni library shelf.

    Anyhow as you put something out recently on Schubert’s Impromptus it would be interesting for Vasilis to link up and suggesting a talk with him once it’s done.

    I’m copying Vasilis in so you have his email.

    And did you hear Vatche on the radio Fine Music at Auss time last night?

    Your blog did a much better interview but the performance of the Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue No 10 was really some thing. Think his heart is really into Soviet twentieth century repertoire – would love to hear that expanded to mid, late, contemporary taking in Nono on the way truly spirit of Pollini.

    All the best


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