Concert review: Alexandre Tharaud at Wigmore Hall

Alexandre Tharaud (image credit: Marco Borggreve)

Despite the bad weather, the gales, and the cancelled trains, I managed to get into central London yesterday (thanks to the District Line which was fully operational from Richmond) to view the ‘Honoré Daumier: Visions of Paris’ exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts (review to follow), and to hear French pianist Alexandre Tharaud in a lunchtime concert of music by Bach, Schubert and Chopin. I had been much looking forward to this particular Wigmore lunchtime recital because the programme was all music I know well and love.

There is perhaps a lesson in here, for the concert was a disappointment, and it made me wonder whether I should, in future, select concerts which do not feature music I know well……

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  1. Yes, I take your point about going to hear music you are not intimately familiar with, but surely if you stick to more unfamiliar pieces, you can’t offer as authoritative a critique of the performance and end up writing just an ‘appreciation’ of the music itself. I know which I’d rather read!

    • That’s a fair point, Sylvia, but as you and I know well, one can get very attached to certain pieces and have a “perfect” version in one’s head (and heart). So when one hears a really dud version it can be so upsetting (as yesterday – the Bach was dreadful!). But I would hear him again – based on the Scarlatti encore.

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