Fantasy Piano Recital

I “borrowed” the idea for this post from George Bevan, director of music at Monkton Coombe School, and author of the excellent Music@Monkton blog.

Like me, George is preparing for a performance diploma. He posted his Diploma programme on his blog and asked readers to suggest the ideal pianist for each piece.  And I thought I would do the same……I know who my ideal pianist would be for each of my pieces, but I’d love to hear more suggestions, so please feel free to contribute via the comments box.

Bach – Concerto in D minor after Marcello, BWV 974

Takemitsu – Rain Tree Sketch II

Mozart – Rondo in A minor, K511

Liszt – Sonetto 104 del Petrarca

Rachmaninov – Etudes-Tableaux Op 33, in E flat and G minor


Over to you, dear reader…..


  1. For Mozart , on the opposite sides, Wilhelm Backhaus and Alfred Brendel.
    For Liszt, Alfred Brendel too, and Jerome Rose.
    For Rach, John Ogdon, for sure!…
    No idea concerning Takemitsu, alas….

  2. I found this quite challenging, but here goes: for the Bach Concerto, Murray Perahia, only because I love my CD of his Brandenburgs. For the Mozart, Christian Blackshaw. For the Liszt, Lang Lang (sorry Fran!). I couldn’t think of anyone specifically for Takemitsu but for Rachmaninov, my teacher Valentino Seferinova who has played many concerts including Rach. Come to think of it, Fran-I think I have seen a vid of you playing Takemitsu rather beautifully so you are my final choice!

    • Thanks for your contribution, Ian! I would also choose Perahia for the Bach (though I love Gould’s recording of this work). For Liszt try Lazar Berman – he’s wonderful in this work & all the Années de Pèlerinage.

      I haven’t been filmed playing the Takemitsu (yet) – perhaps you’ve seen my film of Messiaen? For the Takemitsu, try Noriko Ogawa, who knew the composer…….

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