Eccentric and eclectic: Sir John Soane’s Museum

The Soane Museum, former home of the architect, Sir John Soane, who designed the Bank of England and Dulwich Picture Gallery, is a treasure trove of the eccentric and eclectic right in the heart of London – and one of my favourite museums. Read about my visit and what antiquities, objets and oddments lie behind the door of No. 13 Lincoln’s Inn Field here.

Sir John Soane presides over his collection of Roman statuary in the basement of his home


  1. I’d been “meaning to” visit Soane’s Museum ever since moving to London in 1982 (!!!!), and finally did so recently. An eye-opener! Will definitely go again. Be aware, though, that at crowded times one has to queue outdoors, so perhaps not recommended for the depths of winter or during a monsoon. 🙂

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