Repertoire update – April 2012

The following works will all form part of my LTCL Diploma programme, one way or another. My intention is to learn more repertoire than I need for the exam (a recital lasting c40 minutes).

Bach – Concerto in D Minor after Marcello BWV 974

Debussy – Images Book 1: Hommage à Rameau

Mozart – Rondo in A minor, K511

Liszt – ‘Sonetto 104 del Petrarca’ from Années de pèlerinage, 2eme année: Italie

Rachmaninov – Études-Tableaux, Opus 33, No. 2 in C and No. 7 in E flat

Messiaen – Prelude No. 2: Chant d’extase dans paysage triste

Hear the pieces via Spotify


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  1. Thanks for sharing your programme; I look forward to hearing it on Spotify and reading up on your progress through the blog.

    I have begun studying for my LTCL too and was considering preparing pieces that are present on other exam boards’ diploma repertoire lists with the intention of picking up multiple diplomas within a short space of time.

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