Birthday Bestsellers

Something else that came to my attention via Facebook. Enter your birth date, and the website will flag up the New York Times bestsellers from the week of your birth.

I was amused to find the following featured in my birth date bestseller list:


Valley of the Dolls – Jacqueline Susann

The Secret of Santa Vittoria – Robert Crichton

The Birds Fall Down – Rebecca West

Giles Goat Boy – John Barth

The Adventurers – Harold Robbins


Human Sexual Response – Masters & Johnson

With Kennedy – Pierre Sallinger

The Search for Amelia Earhart – Fred Goerner

Flying Saucers: Serious Business – Frank Edwards

Get your birthday bestseller list here



  1. This is fun, Fran, thanks! Thor Heyerdahl was bestselling with Kon-Tiki the day I was born. As was Ernest Hemingway, who of course at that point was still alive!

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