Play Mozart for Me

As BBC Radio 3’s Genius of Mozart season drew to a close, last night’s late night request programme, Play Mozart for Me, featured music from the last year of Mozart’s life, including my request to hear the Rondo in A minor, K511, a piece which I have written about previously on this blog.

You can hear the entire programme via this link. My comments on the K511 come at about 2’40” in (near the end). The performance is by Richard Goode, though I had requested Mitsuko Uchida’s recording, which, to me, is pure perfection, with a liquid clarity and some passages of truly heart-rending melancholy….


  1. Mozart is my desert island composer. I tried to catch as much as I could of the recent Mozartfest on radio 3, but since companies thesedays demand one works unreasonable hours fr one’s pennies, I didn’t catch too much.

    The Rondo K511 is a great favourite of mine also (I haven’t heard Mitsuko Uchida’s recording: I know it only through the recording by Alicia da Larrocha). I just read your account of this piece on the link you provide above, and it makes me want to put my CD of it on again, so I can listen to it with new insights.

    Another short and deeply moving piano piece by Mozart that I love dearly is the Adagio in B minor, K540.

    • Hello again Himadri

      Thank you – again – for such thoughtful words. I am relearning the K511 as part of my diploma repertoire: it’s such a fascinating piece and continues to interest me despite my fairly in-depth knowledge of it now. I have also played the K540 and agree that it is very moving – as is so much of his late music. I have really enjoyed the recent coverage on Radio 3, and actually cried during the Requiem when it was broadcast on Wednesday.

      Happy new year, belatedly! Keep in touch.


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