Meet the Artist showcases musicians supported by Talent Unlimited

For the next four weeks, the Meet the Artist series will feature interviews with musicians who are supported by Talent Unlimited.

talent-unlimited-logoTalent Unlimited is a young charity that provides financial support to music students of exceptional talent but limited means. Talent, past performance and financial background are taken into consideration when assessing those who are selected for help.

Lack of funding leads many talented young individuals to abandon the field of music as it becomes impossible or at least cripplingly difficult to maintain their studies while working in various part-time jobs to survive. One has to have either rich parents or be incredibly lucky and resilient to flourish. Students have to pay exceptionally high fees when attending prestigious music schools and colleges in London and on many occasions by the time they reach post-graduate levels their resources have all but dried up. This is the point at which a charity like Talent Unlimited can be called upon for help.

Talent Unlimited, through its donations, concerts, conferences and other events aims at creating an environment conducive to the development of young musical talent.

More about Talented Unlimited here


  1. While I greatly enjoy your posts I think more emphasis needs to be put on adults who are either beginners, intermediate or accomplish amateurs. Profiling professionals, prodigies or whatever is all well and fine and can indeed be an encouragement the struggles of adults attempting to learn music CANNOT be under emphasized!!! Trying to learn music despite the unending and exhausting responsibilities of jobs, families, bills, domestic duties, etc. is a HUGE challenge and unlike kiddies adults have to pay for their own expensive lessons and instruments. I hope you will have more articles that deal with this topic in the future!

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