If the title fits…..

Here is another of those lists I indulge in when I’m too busy to write a proper blog post. This blog meme comes via Somewhere Boy and before him Stuck in a Book. The idea is to answer each statement/question with the title of a book you’ve read this year. Because I’ve virtually given up reading books in favour of my Twitter feed, other people’s Facebook status updates, and piano exam regulations, I’ve cheated: some of the books I’ve read, some I haven’t. Please do feel free to submit your own list….

One time on holiday…
A Pale View of the Hills/Ishiguro
A Room With a View/E M Forster

Weekends at my house are….
The Craft of Piano Playing/Alan Fraser
How to Eat/Nigella Lawson

My neighbour is….
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde/Stevenson

My boss is….
My Secret History/Paul Theroux

My superhero secret identity is….
Me Cheeta/James Levene
The Handsomest Young Man in England/Michael Hastings

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because….
This Thing of Darkness/Harry Thompson

I’d win a gold medal in….
Shopping & F**king/Mark Ravenhill
Disobedience/Naomi Alderman

I’d pay good money for….
The Truth About Love/Josephine Hart

If I were prime minister I would….
Hard Times/Dickens

When I don’t have good books I….
Eat Pray Love/Elizabeth Gilbert

Loud talkers at the cinema should be….
Goodbye to All That/Robert Graves


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