Martha Argerich plays Liszt: ‘Funerailles’

I’m reblogging a link to this wonderful video of Martha Argerich playing Liszt from Notes from a Pianist. Even if you don’t like, or know the music of Liszt (and if you don’t, this is the year to discover his music), this is fascinating viewing for it gives a close up of the pianist’s hands in action. Look out for the left hand thumb and hammer-like little finger in the opening measures which creates that extraordinary muffled tolling bell motif. And later, the sheer power in her hands in the ‘cavalry charge’.

The piece, the seventh from the suite Harmonies poetiques et religieuses, is an elegy written in  1849 in response to the suppression of the Hungarian uprising of 1848 by the Hapsburgs.

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  1. Fantastic music, superb performance by M.A.. She makes it look “easy”. Liszt
    worked hard on the finger-assignments, to make his most difficult pieces a bit easier to interpret. Thank you, it is indeed a great year to take Liszt seriously!
    F. Liszt 1811-2011

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