Join a musical movement to support climate change awareness

Award-winning New York City area composer Brian Field has composed a new work for solo piano in three movements, “Three Prayers for a Feverish Planet” to drive greater awareness around the perils of climate change.  

The first movement (“…fire…”) is a reflection on the forest fires raging across California and the American West on a recurring, and increasingly alarming basis. The work starts with a “spark,” that flickers and quickly spreads, growing more complicated.   The fire begins to rage loudly, and across register, building to a climax which eventually becomes more controlled, as it burns itself out and dies.   

The second movement (“…glaciers…”) is a distant, stately movement that depicts the enormous ices on earth’s poles. These slow, ponderous moments are sporadically interrupted by rapidly falling, thundering episodes, depicting the shearing of the glacial ice with ever-warming temperatures.   

Concluding the set is the third movement (“…winds…”).   This virtuosic finale begins with running winds that become increasingly intense and hurricane/typhoon-like in their destructiveness before dissipating into a barely-noticeable breeze.

Brian Field has been reaching out to pianists around the world to participate in supporting and amplifying this ecological message through recital performances and recordings, both studio and “home-studio” recorded to spread across social media in an ongoing basis.  

If you would like to participate in this project, you may register your interest and download the score and audio demo at the project’s website:

Meet the Artist interview with composer Brian Field