Introducing Akouson Classical

I’ve recently joined Akouson Classical, a pioneering global classical music network and events platform for classical musicians, music students, teachers, enthusiasts, music colleges, venues and agents, and any other individuals or organisations involved in classical music. The site was founded by pianist Vicky Yannoula.

Members are provided with a dedicated platform for social and artistic interaction as well as professional promotion both within and outside the Akouson Classical community. Members also have the unique opportunity to participate in and attend events – such as concerts, masterclasses, workshops and competitions – organised for Akouson Classical members as well as the general public.

Membership is free, and members can personalise their own page, reflecting their individual personality and tastes. The site works rather like Facebook or (the now defunct) in that members can “friend” other members, upload photographs, music and video files, blog posts, details of events etc. There are also groups and forums for discussion. Like other social networking platforms, Akouson is a platform for interaction between like-minded people, and the opportunity to share a variety of media and information.

One of the most significant events organised by Akouson Classical is Truly Beethoven, an exciting and original concert series, which received its premiere in September 2012. Held at The Forge in Camden, an intimate arts venue in north London, Truly Beethoven follows two historic teacher-pupil relations and an artistic trail of tremendous significance:|

  • Beethoven and Czerny
  • Czerny and Liszt

This unique series, spread over seven concerts, provides a balanced programme between piano music and songs, or just piano music, performed by a line up of international arists, including Vicky Yannoula, Sofya Gulyak, Nicky Spence, Edward Grint, and Jakob Fichert.

The series ends with a concert on Wednesday 17th April, and in this final concert George Emmanuel Lazaridis and Vicky Yannoula perform Beethoven’s grandest work – his ‘Ninth Symphony’, arranged for piano duet by Carl Czerny.

For further information and to book tickets, please visit The Forge website

To join Akouson Classical click here (Akouson Classical operates an AD-FREE policy).

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